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If the number of users license you require is not listed below, please contact us for a price quote.

New Licenses
If you are not currently a licensed user, then you would choose from the New User License options below.
CD-ROM prices are higher than Instant Download prices listed below, and shipping/handling charge will apply for CD-ROM's.
Program Pricing (Download) Delivery Method    
Electrc NEC Calculator Download     Cd-Rom 
Loadcalc Panel Schedule Download     Cd-Rom 
Electrc and Loadcalc Bundle Download     Cd-Rom 

Upgrade Licenses
As of December 6, 2016 our upgrade policy has changed. We now will provide free upgrades to all licensed users of
Electrc NEC Calculator and Loadcalc Panel Schedule. Once you purchase a license of either or both programs, you will
be entitled to all future upgrades, both major and minor, free of charge.

Your free upgrade will be for the specific license that you have purchased. For example if you purchase a 1-User license,
all future upgrades will be free for upgrades of 1-User licenses. If you wish at any time after original license purchase
to upgrade the number of users of your license, you will pay the difference between the original and new license.
Subsequently, you will receive all future free upgrades based upon the new user license.

To request your free upgrade, please contact us.